Understanding Reflexology



Modern  day reflexology is less than 100 years old, but promoting healing using reflex points in the feet and hands has been practiced by many cultures over the centuries, even as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Reflexology has always been holistic in nature by treating an individual as more than a set of symptoms and viewing wellbeing as much more than simply  the absence of illness.

How it works

Reflexology is a holistic science using the feet and hands as a map of the body. It adheres to the principle that there are reflex areas located in the feet and hands matching the body's own systems such as nerves, glands, and circulation. Using alternating pressure on these reflex areas stimulates the movement of energy throughout the body. Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive therapy with the goal of returning the body to a state of balance. Clients often report a profound sense of relaxation and well being after receiving a reflexology session.

Meet your Reflexologist

Mary Beth Kealy


Mary Beth Kealy is an American Reflexology Board Certified (ARCB) reflexologist. She completed advanced training  in Body Systems Reflexology with Roz Zollinger,  successfully passed the ARCB written exam, practicum, and completed extensive case studies for certification. In addition, Mary Beth is a licensed nurse practitioner in women's health care and an adjunct professor at Drexel University within the Complementary and Integrative Health Program.  She also works as an independent contractor for the Cancer Wellness Centers of Piedmont Hospital performing reflexology  sessions. There, Mary Beth also leads weekly classes in chair yoga, gentle yoga, and mindfulness.  Self-care workshops in aromatherapy and reflexology are held monthly.  

Your visit


Your reflexology470 visit

Your visit begins with a discussion of your outcome goals 

regarding the areas to be addressed during the reflexology session. 

Targeted therapy is provided within the session to work towards these goals. 

helpful information

Arrive a few minutes early for your session.

Have your feet clean and wear comfortable clothing.

Allow at least one hour for your complete session.

Stay well hydrated after your session by drinking water.

You may sleep deeply the night after your reflexology session.

Full benefits of your reflexology session manifest within 48 hours. 

Next step

Call for your appointment. Flexible scheduling to meet your needs.